Look out World…I’ve gone Crypto!!!

So at the insistence of my modern finance savvy hubs….I have joined the world of NFTs. You can check out my list on https://opensea.io/SharonsImagination . The hubs is super excited about all of it (he’s so cute), while I sit and basically look clueless from my spot on the couch.

Now you will have to bare with me as I learn to navigate this whole new world, it’s all kinda perplexing at the moment (at least for me). So we’ll see how it goes.

For those of you who are not as cyber-savvy as myself…you can also buy items of my work on redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/sharonella/shop

It’s been a while…

It’s been awhile since my last post, a lot has happened….COVID!!! I have to admit, being an introvert, I have relished being at home and being creative.

During the past year, I have explored other creative outlets. Mostly because of an ill-conceived idea of riding a motor bike and tearing a ligament in my thumb….I decided to play around with color pencils. (Drawing was not as painful as hand stitching and needle sculpting you see…)

So what started out as a negative actually turned out pretty good in pushing me into other artistic avenues. But not to worry, my thumb has since healed and I am back to the dolls once again and will be appearing at a couple shows this fall.

Checking In…

My new studio

is coming along.  I have my sewing machines all moved in now and have been doing a little work to make it a whimsical/cozy place to be.

Also gearing up for this year’s Hard Candy ChristmMoon Witchas show in Cullowhee, NC, held on Thanksgiving weekend.

In the meantime, I have dolls for sale at Art on Broad in Augusta, GA and at Nancy Tutts Christmas Shop in Dillsboro, NC.  Go have a look!

Spring has arrived…

Spring has sprung here in the south and we are implementing new things as well.  Currently working on getting a studio up and running, big shout out to the hubs, my Magic Man!  Will post pictures once it’s completed….in the meantime I am still doing my hand work from the confines of my comfy recliner with thread and fabric debris scattered all around  (one more shout out to the Magic Man for putting up with it all).26001233_1578616268894195_5519058016712261338_n

Here’s the deal…

Working hard to get ready for this year’s Hard Candy Christmas Show in Cullowhee NC.  A bit more exciting this year, as I am the featured artist. Soooo, as you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy getting ready.  Poster-05-FIN (2)